Friday, April 6, 2007

Peace Corps Thailand_3/05/07

This is the front of the primary school that I will be working with. The school has about three hundred kids from kindergarten to sixth grade. There is a staff of about ten and that includes the principal. The staff here are overworked and obviously understaffed, but it is remarkable to see how dedicated the staff is to the school. This month I will be planning with my co-teacher and creating an EFL curriculum for grades 4 and 5. We will also be setting up a classroom for the students because last year they were learning in an outside room. The school is really lacking supplies, such as computers, a copy machine, and text books. It will be challenging to see if we can fund raise money, but even if we can get the funds where should the money be delegated to is the question.


Aubrey said...

my name is Aubrey and I am a COSing PCV about to travel to Thailand. If you would be willing to help out a fellow PCV could you email me at had some questions about your country

kate said...

Hi. I'm a COSing PCV too (from Jordan) and would love to stay with a Thailand PCV sometime during the first three weeks in October. I'll be traveling with my aunt and uncle and we would love to see what PC is doing and meet some Thai people. My email is